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181 Water Repellent Cargo Pants

Angebot$125 USD

Auto-expanding rear pockets, hidden cargo pockets, transforming shape, and to top it all it's water repellent... You might ask, what can't the 181 Cargo pants do?

To add to it's extravagant list of features the 181 sports a MOLLE board to attach your external accessories or your EDC (Everyday Daily Carry). 

Need to tuck in a shirt? Expand your waistline using the ratchet buckle system and go for even further micro adjustments with the adjustable webbed waistband to get the perfect fit.

Furthermore, you can change the taper of your pants by using the hem zip which allows you to change the entire shape of the pants from a wide to slim cut.

So do these pants do it all? If it doesn't, it sure as hell does a damn lot. 

Fabric Technology

  • Teflon 75D Three Layer Water Repellent Fabric
  • 90% Polyester | 10% Spandex

Features & Hardware

  • Adjustable Waist
  • Zipper Taper
  • SBS Nylon Zippers
  • YKK Buckles
  • DURAFLEX Buckle
  • NIFCO Push Pull Buckle

    • YKK Zippered pockets

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      181 Water Repellent Cargo Pants
      181 Water Repellent Cargo Pants Angebot$125 USD