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Minimal Water Repellent Micro Flare Pants

Angebot$128 USD

Featuring a sleek black color with silver hardware accents, these pants are engineered for both style and performance. The elastic waistband ensures a snug and comfortable fit, while the expanding zipper hem offers versatility in wear.

Key Features:

  • Silver Hardware: Durable and stylish, the silver accents provide a touch of sophistication.
  • Elastic Waistband: Allows for a flexible fit that adapts to your movement.
  • Knee Slits for Flexibility: Strategically placed to enhance mobility without sacrificing the structure.
  • Expanding Zipper Hem: Offers the option to adjust the leg opening for a customized fit or to accommodate boots.
  • Snap Closure Pockets: Secure your essentials with ease, thanks to the practical and reliable snap closures.
  • Teflon Backed DWR Water Repellency: Stay dry and comfortable with the advanced Teflon-backed DWR, ensuring high resistance to water while maintaining breathability.

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Minimal Water Repellent Micro Flare Pants
Minimal Water Repellent Micro Flare Pants Angebot$128 USD