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Light Wash Denim Wide Fit Pants

Angebot$70 USD

This pair of light wash blue denim is a classic staple with a twist, designed for those who appreciate detail in their denim. It features a traditional 5-pocket configuration, belt loops for versatility, and silver-toned hardware that complements its light blue hue. The jeans are finished with an extended hem to create a stylish stacking effect at the ankles, adding depth and texture to your look.

Key Features:

  • Light wash blue denim for a timeless, versatile aesthetic.
  • 5 pockets for practicality and traditional styling.
  • Belt loops to accommodate various belt sizes, enhancing fit and style options.
  • Silver-toned hardware for a touch of modern sophistication.
  • Extended hem designed specifically for a stacking effect, offering an on-trend, textured appearance at the ankles.

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Light Wash Denim Wide Fit Pants
Light Wash Denim Wide Fit Pants Angebot$70 USD