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Silentex embodies the essence of simplicity and power through its design philosophy. By focusing on the cut and quality of the fabric, the brand returns to the core of clothing. Silentex transforms the concept of 'silent' into a powerful voice, allowing us to experience the brand's value through intuitive wear.

Silentex also conveys an assertive approach to life. It represents a journey from silence to audibility, encouraging individuals to stay unique and express themselves through garments. 

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Mock Neck T-ShirtMock Neck T-Shirt
Mock Neck T-Shirt Sale price£39.00 GBP
Washed Vintage Look Logo T-ShirtWashed Vintage Look Logo T-Shirt
Distressed Embroidered Logo Washed T-ShirtDistressed Embroidered Logo Washed T-Shirt
Gradient Washed Printed Oversized T-shirtGradient Washed Printed Oversized T-shirt
Oversized Shorts with Drawstrings and Zippered PocketsOversized Shorts with Drawstrings and Zippered Pockets
Graphic Print Poem T-ShirtGraphic Print Poem T-Shirt
Graphic Print Poem T-Shirt Sale price£36.00 GBP
Metal Rivet Pocket T-ShirtMetal Rivet Pocket T-Shirt
Metal Rivet Pocket T-Shirt Sale price£55.00 GBP
Anti Wrinkle Mid-Rise Cargo ShortsAnti Wrinkle Mid-Rise Cargo Shorts
Logo Short Sleeve T-ShirtLogo Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt Sale price£36.00 GBP
Two-Piece Blue Plaid Distressed Oversized ShirtTwo-Piece Blue Plaid Distressed Oversized Shirt