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Oversized Deconstructed Avant-Garde Hoodie

Sale price$97 USD
Oversized Deconstructed Avant-Garde Hoodie


Measurements Length Chest Waist Sleeve
XS 27 25 23.5 27.5
S 28 26 24.5 28
M 28.5 27 25 28.5
L 29.5 27.5 26 28.5


Measurements Length Chest Waist Sleeve
XS 69 64 60 70
S 71 66 62 71
M 73 68 64 72
L 75 70 66 73

Embrace a blend of comfort and contemporary style with the Oversized Deconstructed Avant-Garde Hoodie. This piece features an oversized silhouette with a dropped-shoulder design, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable fit. The high-neck hood adds an element of warmth and functionality, while the SQUD thematic concept letter embroidery on the shoulders introduces a unique aesthetic detail.

Key Features:

  • YKKⓇ Zipper: Smooth, lightweight, and offers consolidated storage.
  • YYNKⓇ Snap Button: Ensures a secure fit, providing stability and durability.
  • Adjustable Drawstrings: Located at the cuffs, hem, and hood for customizable fitting and enhanced mobility.
  • High-Neck Hood Design: Offers effective cold protection, especially when fully zipped.
  • Oversized and Comfortable Fit: Ideal for relaxed wear, enhancing ease of movement.

Fabric Information:

  • Black Fabric 1 (Main): 280D Matte Elastic Nylon Fabric. Composition: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex. Known for its breathability, heat dissipation, wear resistance, three-dimensional texture, and comfort.
  • Black Fabric 2 (Splicing): 360G 32S/1 High-Quality Cotton Fabric. Composition: 100% Cotton. Features include lightweight, softness, skin-friendliness, wrinkle resistance, and excellent breathability.

This knit jacket is perfect for those who seek a harmonious combination of modern design and practical comfort, suitable for both outdoor adventures and urban exploration.

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Oversized Deconstructed Avant-Garde Hoodie
Oversized Deconstructed Avant-Garde Hoodie Sale price$97 USD