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Double Layered Tech Training Wide Leg Pants

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Crafted with a faux two-piece approach, these trousers exemplify a deconstructive concept with every detail intentionally designed to create a unique three-dimensional and layered look.

Unzip the hem to reveal a wider fit. The trousers redefine traditional tailoring, offering a spacious and comfortable fit.

Key Features:

  • SBSⓇ Crotch Zipper & YKKⓇ Invisible Zipper: Provide smooth, lightweight closure, ensuring consolidated storage.
  • YYNKⓇ Snap Button: Features a two-stage design at the waist for easy adjustment and secure fastening.
  • Expandable Ankle Design: Equipped with SBSⓇ zippers to effortlessly adjust the ankle width for added comfort and style.
  • High-Quality Mesh Fabric Splicing: Enhances detail and layering at the inner layer of the trouser legs, also improving breathability and comfort.
  • Adjustable Trouser Legs: Features YYNKⓇ snap button design for customizable fit, allowing you to adjust the width of the trouser legs as needed.
  • SQUD Brand Label: Adds a distinctive touch to the left ankle, enhancing brand recognition.

Fabric Information:

  • Black & Grey Fabric 1 (Main): 280D Matte Elastic Nylon Fabric. Composition: 100% Nylon. This fabric is known for its breathability, heat dissipation, wear resistance, comfortable elasticity, and a three-dimensional texture.
  • Black & Grey Fabric 2 (Splicing): 50D Metal Nylon Fabric. Composition: 100% Nylon. Features include breathability, lightweight comfort, and a unique micro-wrinkle effect.

These trousers are ideal for those who seek to blend fashion-forward design with functional comfort, perfect for both outdoor activities and stylish commuting.

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Double Layered Tech Training Wide Leg Pants
Double Layered Tech Training Wide Leg Pants Prix de vente$205.00 CAD