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181 Water Repellent Cargo Pants

Prix de vente$174.00 CAD


The 181 Cargo Pants redefine versatility with features that include auto-expanding rear pockets, hidden cargo compartments, a transformative silhouette, and water repellent fabric. You might wonder, is there anything these pants can’t do?

Adding to its impressive array of features, the 181 Cargo Pants come equipped with a MOLLE board for attaching external accessories or your Everyday Carry (EDC) items.

Need to adjust the fit? The pants feature a ratchet buckle system for expanding the waistline, complemented by an adjustable webbed waistband for precise micro-adjustments to achieve the perfect fit.

Additionally, the hem zip allows for an adjustable pant taper, enabling you to alter the silhouette from wide to slim cut effortlessly.

So, do these pants do it all? While they might not do your dishes, they certainly come close.

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181 Water Repellent Cargo Pants
181 Water Repellent Cargo Pants Prix de vente$174.00 CAD